40 under 45

Following the completion of the research for this year’s Indian Lawyer 250, we started to reach out the many sources around the world who had helped identify the firms in that book with a new question. Who, we wondered, were the leading lawyers in India under 45?

Even readers without a detailed knowledge of the Indian bar will be familiar with the leading lights of the preceding generation: Cyril and Shardul Shroff, Berjis Desai and Zia Mody are household names, rightfully garlanded in the international business press. Taking our cue from sister publications like Latin Lawyer and Global Arbitration Review, which have runs similar surveys in past issues, we wanted to get the measure of the younger generation of legal talent in India.

When canvassing our sources we issued the following list of rules –

“Nominees must:

  • — have been 44 years old or younger on the 31st March 2013;
  • — be Indian by birth, nationality and education;
  • — have gained their first law degree at an Indian university (although they can have undertaken subsequent study elsewhere);
  • — be full-time working at a law firm in India;
  • — be in full employment / membership - no internships, secondments, foreign associate programmes, exchanges, etc.”

The names we received were then vetted as closely as possible, often with reference to the findings in Who’s Who Legal, and around 70 were included in an interactive long-list on the Indian Lawyer website. The lawyers who received the most votes during this final stage are the 40 names we present here as the current leaders under the age of 45.

We invited each of the selected lawyers to respond to a short survey giving some background on their careers to date, which can be viewed by clicking on their names, below: