Date of birth: 

21 December 1973

The name of the law school from which you received your first law degree:

Campus Law Centre, Faculty of Law, Delhi University

Current law firm and office:

Luthra & Luthra New Delhi

Position within the firm:


Details of any past law firms that you have worked for:

Lall & Sethi, Sen Oberoi, and Amarchand Mangaldas & Suresh A. Shroff & Co.

Key practice areas:

Intellectual Property

Why you chose to focus in these areas:

In law school the areas that interested me most were Constitutional Law, Intellectual Property Law and International Trade Law. When I was to join practice, Intellectual Property Law had the greatest potential. Within a year of joining Lall & Sethi (an IP boutique firm) I was sure that this was the area in which I wished to build my professional career.

Details of the matter that you have worked on in your career to date that you are most proud of, and why:

As with any professional, there is more than one that I often look back on.But if I had to identify the matter that I am most proud of, at a personal level, then it would have to be the Moser Baer India Limited vs Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V. dispute. In this dispute we were representing, and leading the effort, on behalf of Moser Baer India Limited in a complex high-stakes litigation in three jurisdictions – India, the United States and the Netherlands. The dispute involved issues of patent licensing, patent infringement and counterclaims for invalidity. For me this would be the most satisfying matter not only because it involved all the challenges and pressures of representing a defendant in a high-stakes litigation but also because the team was put to finding solutions in extremely tight situations and came good.

The name of any more senior lawyers that you look up to or consider to be mentors:

Rajiv K. Luthra, Mohit Saraf, Chander M Lall