Date of birth:

20 May 1971

The name of the law school from which you received your first law degree:

National Law School of India University, Bangalore (1995)

Current law firm:

Clarus Law Associates

Position within the firm:


Details of any past law firms that you have worked for:

Luthra & Luthra Law Offices; Amarchand Mangaldas

Key practice areas:

International Trade Law and Policy; Climate Change Law and Policy

Why you chose to focus in these areas:

These two critical areas lie at the cusp of international law and domestic law, with each influencing the other. Both areas have a close connect with several other areas of law – such as those relating to energy, environment, natural resources, finance and labour, and often present a range of new issues affecting both governments and private sector players. I enjoy working on these constantly evolving areas. 

Details of the matter that you have worked on in your career to date that you are most proud of, and why:

I recently led our firm’s team that advised the Government of India on dispute settlement proceedings at the World Trade Organization initiated by the United States against India’s solar policies, and I rate it as one of my finest moments. While I have worked on several trade law related matters (including legal compatibility issues and trade negotiations under the WTO and Free Trade Agreements), the dispute presented the unique opportunity to work on challenging issues relating to the domestic policy space available in renewable energy policy in view of international obligations.

Other recent proud moments for me include structuring the transaction documents for sale of carbon emission reductions from projects involving processing of municipal solid waste and creation of landfills, as a source of financing the projects. Working on these matters presented an opportunity to work on hitherto unchartered territory of tapping a new revenue stream for financing clean development projects.

The name of any more senior lawyers that you look up to or consider to be mentors:

Piyush Joshi, Partner - Clarus Law Associates; Rajiv Luthra - Luthra & Luthra Law Offices.