Date of birth:

2 May 1968

The name of the law school from which you received your first law degree:

Government Law College, Mumbai

Current law firm and office:

Wadia Ghandy & Co

Position within the firm:


Details of any past law firms that you have worked for:

Crawford Bailey & Co.

Key practice areas:

Aircraft Finance, Corporate law, Mergers & Acquisitions, Intellectual Property Rights, Labour, Drugs & Pharmaceuticals and Estate Planning

Why you chose to focus in these areas:

There was a need for experts in certain emerging practices in India (like aviation finance and estate planning) and I thought that I could contribute substantially in these areas, including to contribute to the development of law and precedents in these sectors in India (since Indian laws in respect of these areas are archaic and have not kept pace with new commercial developments). So far as my other practice areas are concerned (like intellectual property, corporate law, mergers and acquisitions and drugs and cosmetics), these areas interested me at the time when I commenced my practice and my interest caused my practice to grow.

Details of the matter that you have worked on in your career to date that you are most proud of, and why:

Every matter is of great importance to me. However, certain matters in the realm of aviation, succession planning (involving business succession) and intellectual property have been the first of their kind in India and gave given me a lot of satisfaction as they have been trend setters.

The name of any more senior lawyers that you look up to or consider to be mentors:

Mr Hamid Moochhala (Senior Partner, Wadia Ghandy & Co.) and Mr R A Shah (Senior Partner, Crawford Bayley & Co.)