Date of birth:               

23 May 1975

The name of the law school from which you received your first law degree:

Dr.Ambedkar Government Law College (formerly Madras Law College), University of Madras, India

Current law firm and office:

KoVe LLP (Arbitration and ADR Boutique), Chennai, India. Established during May 2013 to provide a one-stop solution of disputes through Arbitration and ADR mechanisms worldwide.

Position in the firm     

Founding and Managing Partner

Details of any past law firms that you have worked for:

Independent Arbitration Practitioner (2002 - )

VII, High Court Chambers, Chennai (Madras), India (1997-2001)

Key practice areas: 

Arbitration - Domestic and International, (Commercial Contracts, Trade, Maritime, Construction, Finance, Securities, Joint Ventures, Sale of Goods, Domain Name and Investments), Mediation and Conciliation

Why you chose to focus in these areas:

The momentum and procedural advantage in arbitration, particularly the opportunities placed before the litigants for amicably settling disputes of various natures was the major motivation for me to choose Arbitration. The adoption of the UNCITRAL Model Law by Indian lawmakers provided an effective platform for strong investment and led to valuable economic reforms in India. My passion for moot court competition, particularly the Willem Vis Arbitration Moot, made me to think over doing a research on functioning of arbitration institutions in all continents. The result of research showed the path for dedicating my career full time to arbitration. The benefits of the arbitral process spurred me to promote and create awareness on arbitration and ADR through speaking engagements and training sessions.

Details of the matter that you have worked on in your career to date that you are most proud of, and why:

Software & Information Technology (IT) Company Vs Another IT Company

The value of the claim was more than two billion rupees and involved a share purchase agreement. The issue mainly was the non-performance of the contractual obligation under the share purchase agreement, subscription agreement and escrow agreement. The question of conditions precedent and to whom the responsibility lies and whether the value has eroded were the complex issues. Further a foreign owned holding company and a non-resident Indian were involved. Before passing the award the dispute was settled and an award on agreed terms was issued. It was a source of pride that the erosion of a growing IT company was safeguarded thereby more than 500 employees’ jobs were secured. The emotions of the employees gave me fullest satisfaction for taking arbitration as my career.

Ship Building Company Vs Port Trust Authority

The value of the claim was more than 60 million rupees and involves construction of tugs and pilot launchers. The issue mainly was the delay in payments of final bill and unwarranted maintenance. The question of idling charges, container rentals and delay in taking over the finished goods were the complex issues. The issue was settled. The probability of continuing business relationship became possible even while one of the parties was a state agency. This is my first encounter which gave me confidence to take up arbitration in state contracts.

Technical Consultant Vs UN Agency

The value is more than US$50,000 and involves non-payment of consultation charges by the UN agency to the consultant. Very recently it was commenced and the parties agreed to have a documents-only arbitration. The award was in favour of the consultant. The UN agency without any doubt accepted the award and paid the consultant instantly. As the arbitrator I could experience the effect of enforcement of the award without challenge.

The name of any more senior lawyers that you look up to or consider to be mentors:

Mr.V V Veeder (Johny Veeder), Essex Court Chambers, UK

Prof William W Park, Boston University Law School, USA

Late Prof Mark Cato, UK

Late Mr Stephen D York, UK

Mr Robert Volterra, Partner, Volterra and Fietta, UK

Mr Sundra Rajoo, Director, KLRCA, Malaysia

Late Justice K.Venkataswami, Supreme Court of India (Retd)

Mr Chandrakant Kamdar, Honorary.Secretary, CIArb India, Mumbai

Justice K Govindarajan, High Court of Madras (Retd)

Mr N C Ramesh, Senior Advocate, High Court of Madras, Chennai

Prof  Manohar, Special Officer (Retd), National Law School,

Mr K Pradeep, Corporate Lawyer, Chennai

Mr V Srikanth, Former Additional Govt. Pleader, High Court of Madras, Chennai