Date of birth:

29 July 1969

The name of the law school from which you received your first law degree:

Campus Law Centre, Delhi University in 1993. At that time, Campus Law Centre was the number Law School in the country. I have also studied commerce at Sriram College of Commerce, Delhi University which was and still is the number one College in India for Commerce and related fields.

Current law firm and office:

India Law Offices, New Delhi

Position within the firm:

Founder and Managing Partner at India Law Offices.

Details of any past law firms you have worked for:

Always in sole practice.

Key practice areas:

FDI – Inbound & outbound, Corporate Finance, PE & Fund Raising.

Corporate Compliance

Inter Country – Taxation and Litigation Advisory

Inter Country – Structuring Advisory

Strategy Advisory – Litigation, Labour, Family and Corporate

Besides the Law and Corporate practice, I have contributed more than 100 articles on various legal topics. 

Why you chose to focus in these areas:

These areas come naturally to me. I am a first generation practising lawyer and come from a background of manufacturing and exports. Transactions, commercial work, international business is natural to me.

Further I have worked extensively on these areas in the last 15 years, covering numerous trans-border investments and disputes. I have worked closely with many foreign companies from over 15 countries, helping them develop a strategy for India and to set up shop in the country.

As a managing partner of the firm, I am involved in strategy for other aspects of the practice.