Date of birth:

18 March 1985

The name of the law school from which you received your first law degree:

The Army Institute of Law, Mohali, India

Current law firm and office:

M/s Sarin & Co. – Chandigarh Office

Position within the firm:

Managing Partner

Key practice areas:

Aviation – Aircraft finance / lease, company law, civil law, tax law, trade mark law, industrial law, labour law

Why you chose to focus in these areas:

I choose to focus on aviation law because of an extreme passion for aviation. Apart from the monetary aspect, I am a massive aviation fan and enjoy being around and dealing with aircraft. The other aspects of law I focus on have been practised for almost 80 years by my law firm, which was initially set up by my late grandfather, Mr Harbans Lal Sarin. The tradition carried on through my father, Mr Manmohan Lal Sarin, a Senior Advocate (England’s equivalent of a Queen’s Counsel). Traditionally we have dealt with all matters that are not criminal, however, recently, we have ventured into the field of criminal law too.

Details of the matter that you have worked on in your career to date that you are most proud of, and why:

Without doubt, the matter I have been entrusted with by a client that has made me the most proud is when I was called upon to advise and assist in the repossession of four aircraft from an airline in India who had gone bankrupt. I am proud of this because it was a great show of trust from the client giving me responsibility of dealing with their assets, which were valued at about $400 million.

The name of any more senior lawyers that you look up to or consider to be mentors:

I look up to my father, Mr Manmohan Lal Sarin, Senior Advocate, who has, with over 40 years of active practice, excelled in every area of law. Without doubt, he is my mentor – a man who has courage, who travels the world and who believes himself to be a world citizen. Political boundaries are non-existent for him. Apart from my father, I have always looked up to Mr Iqbal M Chagla, Senior Advocate and Mr Ravi Nath from RNC Legal in New Delhi (whom I commonly refer to as the Godfather of all aircraft finance in India).