Date of birth

11 February 1972

The name of the law school from which you received your first law degree:

Delhi University, Faculty of Law

Your current law firm and office

Singh & Associates, Advocates and Solicitors, New Delhi.

Position within the firm:

Founding Partner

Details of any past law firms that you have worked for:

Singhania & Co

Key practice areas:

Dispute Resolution and Real Estate and Infrastructure

Why you chose to focus in these areas:

Litigation started off as an obvious choice of passion for me at the very inception of my career. A litigator requires good communication and negotiation skills; it’s not so much about arguing cases but making a convincing and reasoned case in favour of your client’s interests. One needs to have a good academic history, a creative and quick thought-process, flexible and the quality to think on your feet and being open to challenges.

Over the years, litigation or dispute resolution in India and across the world has evolved into a sophisticated practice where clients have the option to either go to court or arrive at a successful resolution before they reach the courts; most companies or corporate entities would prefer quick, inexpensive and non-combative solutions to disputes with business partners and associates.

I have always enjoyed being a litigator; and appreciate that any good litigator has keen commercial awareness, a good command over legal and technical principles and a thorough foundation in presenting facts, law and strategy in a reasoned and persuasive manner.

In regards to the Real Estate & Infrastructure practice; recognizing that real estate issues often require local resources and expertise in many other areas of the law, our firm builds cross-disciplinary teams according to clients’ needs. We work effectively and efficiently across borders, jurisdictions and practice areas drawing upon expertise in specialty areas.

We are very well connected within our domestic jurisdiction, and know can expertly handle tricky issues which often come up in this practice. Some of the types of assignments / projects that the Practice Group has undertaken for its clients relate to developing, financing, leasing and/or selling of apartment complexes, commercial / office buildings & spaces,  entertainment complexes, shopping malls, hospitals & healthcare centers, residential developments, hotel & resorts, etc. the group’s clientele includes developers, lenders and servicers, owners and landlords & tenants, real estate management companies, contractors,  hospitality services providers, health care providers, construction companies, foreign investors,  real estate buyers, sellers & investors, retail operators, residential developers, schools, universities, etc. The firm has experience in all the phases of the project; from bidding to negotiating, closing, constructing, implementing, commissioning, and finally, delivering.

Details of the matter that you have worked on in your career to date that you are most proud of, and why:

One of the matters that I am proud of was the Cement Corporation of India Officers Association v. Union of India & Others in 2004; we represented the officers of CCI against the PSU with respect to revision of pay scale, which it was alleged had not been done for more than a decade. The judgment was passed in the favour of our client. This was an exciting case for me, and it invoked the public service aspect of our honorable legal profession in the benefit of the society and those who live in it.

I have also created a niche in handling real estates and financial derivatives matters for private clients against national and international financial institutions like Deutsche Bank, Standard Chartered Bank etc. I have represented clients in domestic and international arbitrations at reputed arbitration centers like SIAC, LCIA, and ICC. In a recent high profile unique matter related to foreign exchange derivatives, our client entered into foreign exchange derivatives with a major international bank. The issues in this matter highlight various aspect of law including but not limited to validity of contract, misrepresentation, contractual obligations, representation and estoppels, etc.The value of the matter is over $39 million. The issues in this matter travel various aspect of law including but not limited to validity of Contract, misrepresentation, contractual obligations, representation and estoppels, etc.The judgment in this matter, which we are still awaiting, will be considered a landmark judgment in respect to India.

The name of any more senior lawyers that you look up to or consider to be mentors:

I have always considered Mr DC Singhania as my mentor. Although my tenure of work with Mr Singhania was very short, and that he does not practise anymore, I have always looked up to him for advice on both personal as well as professional growth.