Date of birth:

26 May 1971

Name of the law school from which he has received his first law degree:

Government Law College, Mumbai

Current law firm and office:

Hariani & Co.

Position within the firm:

Senior Partner

Details of any past law firms that he has worked for:

Throughout my career I have been with Hariani & Co.

Key practice areas:

Practice area encompasses Real Estate, Film, Media and Entertainment, corporate and commercial deals relating to private placement of equity and venture capital funding. I also handle matters relating to dispute resolution including court litigation and arbitration. Particularly in the field of Media and Entertainment Law, I advise well-known production houses and individuals in the film industry in India. I have successfully aided them to structure high-profile film financing and acquisition deals, and co-production ventures.

Why you chose to focus in these areas:

I choose to focus on the real estate sector on account of the great potential of the sector as also the necessity for developing innovative structures and assisting clients in documentation and negotiations to achieve their business objectives. Also, the media and entertainment sector is a growing dynamic sector and it is draw up specialised and wide-ranging agreements for the clients in the arena of broadcasting, film financing and film distribution.

Details of the matter that you have worked on in your career to date that you are most proud of, and why:

Conducting due diligence of the entire land bank of companies like HDIL, Sahara etc. within a time-bound manner. There was always a new challenge emerging as soon as one felt that the problem at hand has been put to rest.

The name of any more senior lawyers that he looks up to or consider to be mentors:

Mr Ameet P Hariani