Liberalisation Initiative: Contracts For Sale and Purchase of Securities

Shwetambari Rao, partner and Abhinav Singh, associate partner at Krishnamurthy & Co (K Law) examine the liberalisation initiative by the Securities and Exchange Board of India with respect to option contracts and contracts for pre-emption with research assistance from associate Prateek Mohapatra.

Corporate Debt Restructuring, The Current Scenario and Evaluation of Times Ahead

Fariyal Tahseen of Wadia Ghandy & Co analyses current CDR trends in India with research assistance from Nithya Rajshekhar.

Regulating Indian cyberspace – the battle for ‘control’ in the new media version 2.0

40 under 45 nominee Rodney D Ryder and fellow Scriboard lawyer Ashwin Madhavan survey India's current cyber-law landscape[1]

Revisiting India's Stance on Investor–State Dispute Settlement

Souvik Ganguly and Shantanu Kanade of Acuity Law - in their contribution to our 40 under 45 article series - look at the ways in which India has found itself on the wrong end of investor-state disputes in recent years, and ponder how the country can win back investors' trust.

Legal Metrology Law in India: Mystifying Aspects

LEXport managing partner Srinivas Kotni and associate Shikha Bhardwaj offer an overview of India's current metrology laws and suggest a more balanced approach to the system in the lastest installment of our 40 under 45 article series.

India’s infrastructure sector at a crossroads

40 under 45 nominee Ajay Shaw of DSK Legal analyses the growth potential of the Indian infrastructure sector and suggests some ways forward for the market.

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