Roundtable – The Sexual Harassment at the Workplace Act 2013

In April, India’s president gave assent to the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act: the country’s first piece of legislation dedicated to sexual harassment at work, which was passed by the Rajya Sabha, the upper house of India’s parliament, in February. Following such a lengthy legislative process – enacted 16 years after the Supreme Court first recognised workplace sexual harassment as a human rights violation – the final transition from bill to act was relatively speedy, spurred on, according to some, by the widespread social unrest caused by the now infamous New Delhi gang rape case of December 2012.

Encryption in India

Salman Waris of Seth Dua Associates wrestles with the contradictions of encryption regulation in India.

Has India made the required preparations to implement the Madrid Protocol?

An analysis of the challenges and opportunities facing Indian trademarks under the Madrid Protocol by Gunjan Paharia and Naqeeb Nawab of ZeusIP.

Walking the thin line: cyclical rebound for Indian infrastructure

Following April's landmark decisions by India’s Central Electricity Regulatory Commission, Amit Kapur of J Sagar Associates analyses their significance for the country's infrastructure market.

Indian Lawyer 250 – Awards 2013

This year, in addition to profiling the leading law firms in India, we asked our respondents to nominate those firms that they considered the top performers in seven legal practice areas over the past year. In each case, we drew up a shortlist of firms that had been consistently recommended for their work in a given practice area during our research, and then opened these lists up to a readers’ poll. We were delighted by the strong and varied response we received, and are grateful to the lawyers and business professionals around the world who helped us in our ultimate decision-making.

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