Rajinder Narain & Co Legal LLP

Editorial analysis
    • Established: 1950
    • Partners: 5
    • Lawyers: 22
    • Recommended for: Aviation, Litigation
    • Offices: New Delhi
    • Practice Areas: Asset Finance; Banking Insurance and Financial Ser vices; Commercial Contracts; Construction; Cross-Border Leasing and Securitisation; Infrastructure Projects; Intellectual Proper ty Rights; Joint Venture and Cross-Border Investments in India; Litigation, Arbitration and Dispute Resolution; M&A, Amalgamations and Disinvestments; Oil and Natural Gas; Power ; Telecoms; Taxation

    One of the capital’s first post-independence law firms with an international client list extending from Asia to Europe and the US, Rajinder Narain & Co Legal LLP’s aviation and commercial litigation teams are among the best in India according to respondents to our survey.


    Embodying the best of the firm’s talent in both of these areas is chairman and managing partner Ravinder Nath, “the go-to lawyer in India” according to one international source. Indeed his profile outside of the country is unequivocally demonstrated by the more-than $17 billion-worth of cross-border aircraft financing and leasing transactions he has been involved in in the past few years. Clients in these matters have included Export-Import Bank of the United States, Boeing, Barclays Bank, Bank of America, Société Générale, Citibank and BNP Paribas, among numerous other Fortune 500 companies.


    Demonstrating its lure for industries outside of aviation, the firm’s client portfolio also includes such companies as Deloitte, CNN, Sony, Imperial Tobacco, Gucci, Starwood Hotels and Oman LNG.