Rajkishore Associates

Editorial analysis
    • Established: 2000
    • Partners: 3
    • Lawyers: 10
    • Split of work: Domestic 10% International 90%
    • Offices: Bangalore, Chennai
    • Practice Areas: Admiralty; Arbitration; Corporate Law; Foreign Direct Investment; M&A; Mediation; Real Estate; Trademarks

    A small full-service firm specialising in corporate matters, Rajkishore Associates is a well-known name throughout India thanks to its strong network of associate offices around the country. Multinational clients frequently retain the firm for its expertise in helping companies establish wholly owned subsidiaries and liaison, branch and project offices in India; work which it has been heavily involved with over the past year. Managing partner and namesake Rajkishore Bhagwatsaran heads the corporate department at the firm and also enjoys a good reputation for his work in relation to trademark matters.