Welcome to the 2014 edition of the Indian Lawyer 250. This is the third edition of the directory and comes to you fully updated and revised, featuring a greater number of both Indian and international firms than its predecessors, in recognition of the growing number of highly sophisticated firms doing work in the country.

Members of our editorial team have spoken extensively with Indian and India-focused lawyers around the world over the course of the year in order to bring our research up to date, while online the Indian Lawyer 250 weekly news service has been keeping track of the latest developments, the most prominent deals and the most interesting lateral moves in the marketplace.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those professionals who took the time to contribute to our research, whether for this publication or for the news, features and surveys published online. Our work could not be sustained without the generous assistance of lawyers, in-house teams and public relations professionals, who gave us their time over the course of the past year.


Our research begins with conversations with private practice lawyers as well as general counsel. Using the comments from these parties, together with information collated from the legal and financial media, we are able to compile and distribute a preliminary listing of Indian law firms. Through the resulting correspondence with private practice lawyers in and outside India and their clients, we are able to refine the listing to create a shortlist of law firms.

We also have the benefit of referring to existing research thanks to our sister publication Who's Who Legal. Since 1996 Who's Who has identified the foremost practitioners in 35 areas of business law – featuring over 10,000 of the world's leading private practice lawyers in over 180 jurisdictions. Adopting the proven research techniques used in this process, and tapping into the data Who’s Who has collated over the years on the Indian legal market, enables us to build an accurate picture of India's leading lawyers and firms.

The shortlisted firms are presented with a questionnaire asking them to provide further information about the firm, including the work that they have been involved in. Analysis of this information, together with the recommendations received and our Who's Who Legal data, enables us to identify India's leading firms.

Foreign law firms view India as a crucial market and with this in mind we incorporate a section on foreign firms with leading India practices. Indian firms and clients are asked to provide their comments on the foreign firms they view as leaders in the field, identifying the nature of the work they do and their leading individuals.

A Note on this Edition

When profiling the Indian law firms in this edition, we took note of the number of lawyers the firm had featured in Who’s Who Legal publications. The practice areas and number of listings mentioned in connection with each firm were accurate at the time of writing in January 2014.

The use of the $ symbol in reference to deal value or turnover refers to US dollars, unless otherwise indicated.